Olives & More



Imported  from Greece, our olives are filled with aroma and flavour. Indulge your  taste buds with our mouthwatering array of olives.

Olive Oil


In  company with our popular imported olive oils is the Good Olive Organic  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is exclusive to Ellas! With its aromatic  palate, it is the final touch to a wonderful meal.



Is it possible to have souvlaki without Tzatziki? Many will argue this and  no matter the outcome, we have you covered! We highly recommend Jerry's  Tzatziki as it brings a little taste of Greece to your dinner table.  Hummus, Spicy Feta Dip and Taramosalata are also on our hot sellers  list.

Pasta & More


For  your convenience, we carry a large selection of grain & meat  alternatives ranging from pasta and rice to lentils and beans. Try our  imported Greek brands and indulge in exquisiteness!



Take a peek at our large spice selection in order to give your dish a flavorful taste. We carry more than 50 different types.